Provide First-Rate Pediatric Care with Bassinet and Crib Accessories

At Novum Medical Products, our cribs and bassinets are carefully designed to meet the unique challenges associated with neonatal care. Thanks to their sturdy stainless-steel construction, ergonomic sleeping surfaces and whisper-glide casters, these pediatric furnishings are able to keep a hospital’s youngest patients safe and comfortable at all times. We also offer a number of practical accessories for cribs and bassinets that can further improve patient comfort and make it easier for hospital staff to deliver the best possible pediatric care.

Take, for example, the Lifenest® Sleep System Mattresses for bassinets.

These innovative mattresses use a high-density foam and soft waterproof cover to create a breathable sleeping surface that can be easily cleaned and disinfected between patients. Lifenest® mattresses are ideal for treating premature and critically ill patients in the NICU, and they can even be used during phototherapy sessions thanks to their 100% radiolucent design.

Weighing systems are another popular accessory for cribs.

These simple built-in scales allow physicians to easily monitor the weight of pediatric patients without disturbing them or disrupting their sleep cycles. They are also available in three different sizes to fit our neonatal, infant and youth cribs.

Finally, don’t forget about replacement baskets for bassinets.

Our polycarbonate baskets offer a durable, affordable replacement option for damaged or missing bassinet baskets. By virtue of their rigid one-piece construction, you can count on these baskets to serve you well for many years to come. Interested in learning more about these or any of the other pediatric furnishings and accessories we offer at Novum Medical Products? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today!