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Waiting Room


While many of the products that we manufacture for our customers are designed to be used in hospitals, long term care facilities, and other medical facilities, we also offer several high-quality products for Private Practice.

Refresh and Update your waiting rooms and other rooms with our complete room furnishing solutions including tables and chairs to match any existing décor! Our iSeries Waiting Room Chairs come in several styles including Full Arm, Half Arm and Open Arm! Bariatric options are available as well, plus recliners and other seating options.

Stainless Steel Equipment is our specialty, and we are proud to offer durable equipment that is manufactured right here in the USA including: IV Poles with different hook and base options, Instrument Tables of all sizes, Single and Double Post Mayo Stands to hold instruments and other items, Linen Hampers for soiled garments and other linens, Bedpan Racks, and more!

Step Stools and Physician Treatment Stools help make the jobs of your staff easier and help them provide premium care to their patients.

When privacy is necessary but not readily available, our Privacy Screens and Privacy Curtains are the perfect option. They are collapsible and removable so that space is not being taken up when not in use, all while providing the privacy of a whole room when in use.