Renaissance Privacy Curtains


The swiveling telescopic arms allow for a screening system only there when it is needed. When finished, simply push together and turn toward the wall to restore your room to its usual appearance. Designed to be easy to clean and low maintenance.


  • Low maintenance privacy screen system, allows you to push together the telescopic arm and turn toward the wall to restore the room to its normal appearance
  • Versatile product: can be used as a screen or partition
  • Constructed of high-quality anodized aluminum, glass-fiber reinforced synthetic materials and stainless steel
  • Curtain rings included with telescopic arms
  • In case of excessive strain, curtains are released automatically from eyelets
  • Easy to clean
  • Telescopic arms, wall holder, curtain rings and curtain fabric available in various colors to perfectly fit your decor

Additional information

Telescopic Arm

RTS-48 (Renaissance Telescopic Arm – 48" Extension, includes 10 rings), RTS-60 (Renaissance Telescopic Arm – 60" Extension, includes 13 rings), RTS-84 (Renaissance Telescopic Arm – 84" Extension, includes 17 rings)

Wall Holder

WH (Wall Holder Standard, Invisible Screws, Pressed Aluminum, Adjustable)

Additional Curtain Rings

CR-49 (Curtain Rings, Quantity 0-49), CR-99 (Curtain Rings, Quantity 50-99), CR-499 (Curtain Rings, Quantity 100-499), CR-999 (Curtain Rings, Quantity 500-999), CR-1000 (Curtain Rings, Quantity 1000+), None

Fabric Options

RF-9 (RTS Blackout Stain Fabric, Flame Retardant, 9 eyelets, For RTS-48S), RF-10 (RTS Blackout Stain Fabric, Flame Retardant, 10 eyelets, For RTS-48), RF-13 (RTS Blackout Stain Fabric, Flame Retardant, 13 eyelets, For RTS-60), RF-17 (RTS Blackout Stain Fabric, Flame Retardant, 17 eyelets, For RTS-84)


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