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US Hospitals Confronted With the Worst Flu Season in Years

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this year’s influenza virus is now widespread in every state except for Hawaii. A combination of factors has allowed the H3N2 virus to sweep across the country in a matter

Scientists Develop Flexible Battery for Medical Implants

There are many people throughout the world who rely on medical implants every single day. These medical implants, which include things like pacemakers, are designed to help people live happy, productive lives without having to worry about complications from serious

Zipline Is Using Drones to Deliver Critical Medical Supplies

A year ago, it took roughly four hours for the staff at Kabgayi District Hospital in Rwanda to retrieve blood from the capital city of Kigali, which is nearly 40 miles away. Today, it takes just 15 minutes for a

Patients at Oregon State Hospital Learn How to Make Furniture

Take a trip to Salem, Oregon, and you might notice a variety of charming Adirondack chairs, tables and other pieces of handmade wood furniture in the businesses and government buildings around the city. Many of these furniture pieces weren’t made

Check out Our Replacement Pad Configuration Tool

Looking for replacement pads for a stretcher, exam table or other cushioned surface? Buying replacement pads from the original manufacturer can be surprisingly expensive. That’s why some healthcare facilities simply put duct tape over tears and punctures in their pads

Engineers Develop Innovative At-Home Monitoring Patch

Recent research has demonstrated that hospital patients typically have better recovery outcomes when they’re able to convalesce at home, rather than in a long-term care facility. Long hospital stays can also be prohibitively expensive for many patients, and consequently these

Bipartisan Group Proposes Reform for Long-Term Care Costs

Every year, there are more than 12 million American adults who rely on long-term care services, according to a report conducted by the Bipartisan Policy Center. On average, the BPC reports that the average man will spend almost $140,000 in

MIT Study Suggests Hospitals Should Invest More on Inpatient Care

If hospitals want to remain profitable and provide the best possible care to their patients, they should invest heavily in emergency inpatient care, according to a new report from MIT. Researchers at MIT examined data collected by Medicare to assess

New York Health Act Receives Approval in State Assembly

With the future of the Affordable Care Act shrouded in uncertainty, New York State is taking matters into its own hands to ensure its residents have solid healthcare coverage. According to an article from Modern Healthcare, New York’s State Assembly

Provide Comfortable Accommodations for Long-Term Care Patients

If you operate a facility that specializes in providing long-term care for patients, there are a number of different services that you need to be able to give to them. The majority of your time should obviously be spent focusing