Is My Hand Sanitizer Safe? FDA Hand Sanitizer Updates

When the Coronavirus Pandemic began, hand sanitizer was selling out in stores throughout the country. Name brand sanitizers like Purell could not keep up with the newly increased demand, leaving stores empty shelved and customers empty handed. Some people even purchased excessive amounts of hand sanitizer, only to sell it at marked up prices and make a profit.

The increased demand resulted in companies scrambling to create their own sanitizer, or partner with a company that could produce sanitizer. A boom of new hand sanitizer brands ensued; each made a little bit differently. The demand rushed production of these new sanitizers without allowing for proper testing and FDA approval.

Some were liquid sanitizers with higher alcohol percentages, and some were gel and had lower alcohol percentage, making it is less effective. Some sanitizers smelled like alcohol and even came in plastic liquor bottles as hand sanitizer bottles were in short supply too.  

The FDA is now warning consumers to avoid several questionable brands of hand sanitizer, some even sold by major retailers like Walmart. Wood alcohol, better known as methanol, was found in some samples of sanitizers. Methanol can be fatal when ingested and can lead to methanol poisoning when applied to the skin. The FDA recently reported cases in which children and adults have been blinded, hospitalized, or even died after ingesting methanol-based sanitizers.

To make sure the hand sanitizer you are using is safe, the CDC recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizer as a means of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. These new warnings are sure to increase the demand on alcohol-based sanitizers so be sure to stock up while you can.

Novum’s Instant Erase Liquid Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based (80%) sanitizer and is FDA approved! Give us a call today to order your sanitizer and ensure your staff and your patients stay safe and healthy. (800) 274-2742.

Count on Us for Complete Room Furnishing Solutions

At Novum Medical Products, we understand that hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a diverse selection of furnishings to provide patients and their family members with compassionate, comfortable care. That’s why we strive to provide a wide variety of medical furnishings that can be valuable additions to every space from the Waiting Room to the Operating Room. You can learn a little more about the many different types of furniture we offer below!

Pediatric and Acute Care

These furnishings—which include Hospital Beds, Hospital Cribs & Hospital Bassinets, Overbed Tables and more—are designed to guarantee the comfort and safety of patients of all ages. Whether your patients are recuperating from surgery or being welcomed into the world in the Maternity Ward or Labor and Delivery Room, our Pediatric and Acute Care Furnishings include everything hospitals need to provide quality short-term care to their patients.

Long-Term Care

In contrast to Acute Care Centers, Long-Term Care Facilities require additional furnishings to make patients feel a little more at home during their stays. We offer Waiting Room Furniture and Dining Room Furniture which includes chairs and tables in various styles. For Patient Rooms our line ranges from Casegoods and Long Term Care Beds to Walkers and other mobility tools. You can find everything you need to furnish a Long-Term Care Facility on our site, all available at highly-competitive prices.

Specialty Medical Equipment

Our Specialty Stainless Steel Furnishings include durable stainless steel products and made to measure Hospital Mattresses for Stretchers, OR Tables, Cribs and Bassinets. We also have full custom stainless steel capabilities. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create a product that’s tailor-made to suit the needs of your facility. To learn more about all the furnishings we offer at Novum Medical Products, give us a call! 1.800.274.2742

iSeries Medical Recliners Offer Superior Style and Comfort

Our iSeries Hospital Recliners are designed to offer ergonomic seating options that are both comfortable and stylish. With their contoured backs, wide shoulder areas and added lumbar support, these recliners might look quite different than the stiff old medical furnishings you’re used to. They also come in seven distinct models that each include unique design features such as push-arm recliner mechanisms and caster bases. Our wall-saver recliner even shifts forward as it reclines to prevent damage to nearby walls.

Each Medical Recliner in our iSeries line also comes with a limited 7-year warranty that covers any defects in material and workmanship.

With their innovative designs and competitive price points, the iSeries Medical Recliner Chairs are some of the most popular furnishings we offer at Novum Medical Products. If these aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we offer several other models of medical recliners as well. You can also use our configurator tool to customize our iSeries Recliners to your desired specifications.

Interested in learning more about these or any of the other medical furnishings and equipment you can find on our site? Feel free to give us a call at (800) 274-2742 or contact us online to speak with a representative today!

Novum PPE Line Availability

The Novum PPE Line is in very high demand due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. In an effort to expedite and streamline your ordering process, these products are not being offered on our website at this time.

The Novum PPE Line includes cloth face masks, thermometers, and gowns.

If you are interested in these products, please call us directly at (716) 759-7200 to secure your Personal Protective Equipment before it is gone.

Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe.

Clean and Disinfect iSeries Recliners to minimize the spread of COVID-19

In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, care and cleaning of furnishings in hospitals and medical facilities has enhanced, with a stronger emphasis on the disinfection and sterilization of these environments.  The need to clean upholstery surfaces with Bleach and other disinfectants is becoming standard practice, and upholstery materials need to be built to withstand daily disinfection.

At Novum Medical, we pride ourselves in fitting our iSeries Recliner Line with fabrics that are engineered to perform, including the manner to which they stand up to regular cleaning and disinfection. We have received numerous questions from customers and end-users pertaining to the best methods of care, cleaning and disinfection that will assist in minimizing the spread of COVID 19 and other diseases.  Here are some of those questions, with our answers:

Q: Are there any products that kill the Coronavirus / COVID 19 virus on contact?

A: Our iSeries Recliners use fabrics that are inherently anti-bacterial and/or anti-microbial which inhibit microbial growth. At this point, this may also inhibit COVID-19 but since the pathogen is not available for testing it cannot definitively be determined yet. In addition to the lack of availability of testing, the CDC has not definitively been able to determine how long this pathogen remains active on different surfaces.

Q: Should we be Sanitizing or Disinfecting? What is the difference?

A: Sanitizing is generally gentler than disinfecting. So, while sanitizing refers to lowering the number of germs by cleaning, disinfecting itself refers to killing nearly 100 percent of germs on surfaces or objects. According to the CDC to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19 surfaces must be disinfected.

Q: What is the recommended disinfecting solution to protect from COVID-19?

A: The most used disinfection agent is diluted bleach (10:1) or isopropyl alcohol (70% solution) and there are many commercial cleaners and disinfectants available that are also suitable.

A list of EPA approved products can be found here:

Q: Are there recommended care, cleaning and disinfection instructions for upholstered surfaces?

A: If you are concerned about properly disinfecting for coronavirus while also limiting the use of hazardous disinfectants, here is a primer on how to safely clean and disinfect your space.


According to the CDC, one critical step for preventing illness includes both cleaning and disinfecting the spaces where you spend your time. We recommend the following procedure to effectively clean and disinfect upholstery and other interior surfaces:

1. Clean the surface with a detergent or general-purpose cleaner. Cleaning is an important first step to the process because it physically removes soil, organic matter, and many germs from the surface.

2. Rinse the surface with clean water or wipe down with water.

3. Disinfection should always take place last, to ensure that any germs leftover after cleaning are destroyed. Disinfectants are not as effective when applied directly to dirty surfaces, because germs and viruses can hide under soils.

4. It is important to follow the label use directions for enveloped viruses, which is the category that COVID-19 falls under. Disinfectants have varying contact times, ranging from 30 seconds up to 15 minutes, which means that the disinfectant needs to be left wet on the surface for the specified amount of time to kill the targeted types of germs.

5. In order to protect the longevity of the upholstery material, it is important to rinse or wipe the material with fresh water, after the suggested contact period.

Call us at 1 (800) 274-2742 to learn more, or for more information!

Protect Patients from Infection by Maintaining Mattresses

Hospital mattress covers provide protection for mattresses that are used on hospital beds in a number of settings. They are used in acute care, long-term care, or home care settings. Worn or damaged covers can let fluids inside the mattress, posing a risk of infection to patients who may come into contact with a contaminated mattress.

The FDA recommends following these tips to help keep covers in good condition, and to identify and handle covers that are worn or damaged:

Develop an Inspection Plan: Create an inspection plan for all hospital bed mattresses and mattress covers in your facility.


  • Regularly check each hospital bed mattress cover for any visible signs of damage or wear such as cuts, tears, cracks, pinholes, snags, or stains.
  • Routinely remove the hospital bed mattress cover and check its inside surface. Once the mattress cover is removed, inspect the mattress for wet spots, staining, or signs of damage or wear. Check all sides and the bottom of the mattress.
  • Be aware that it may be difficult to identify damaged or soiled mattresses without removing the mattress covers first. Mattress covers tend to be dark in color, making it hard to see what lies underneath.
  • Stretcher Pad & Operating Room Pad covers are fitted directly over the pad, making it impossible to access the foam. Look for cuts, tears, cracks, pinholes, snags or stains. Discoloration is also a sign of wearing and can lead to permeability.
  • Vinyl Stretcher Pad & Operating Room Pad covers tend to crack easier than 2-way or 4-way stretch covers.

Remove & Replace

  • Remove any damaged, worn, or visibly stained hospital bed mattress according to the health care facility’s procedures and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Immediately replace any hospital bed mattress cover with visible signs of stains, damage or wear to reduce the risk of infection to patients.

Maintain: Clean and disinfect undamaged hospital bed mattress covers.

It is important to distinguish the differences between cleaning and disinfecting:

Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Some disinfecting products that we recommend are Oxivir, Sani-Wipes, and Virox. Follow these steps to ensure you’re properly disinfecting your pads!

It is also recommended that you wipe the pad with warm water after disinfecting to prevent from drying out and cracking.

Help Mom & Baby Stay Comfortable

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Giving birth is a truly life changing experience. It is also an extremely stressful experience! For some moms, the option of an at home birth helps ease those stresses. Being able to deliver in an environment that is familiar to them, and as comfortable as their living room or bedroom goes a long way.

However, most don’t have that luxury. Mom goes into labor and must be rushed frantically to the hospital. Mom has been preparing for 9 months, but no amount of time will make this any less stressful.

Hurry to a busy hospital full of sick people and overly busy staff, get placed in a cold and uncomfortable delivery room, then try to focus on breathing and staying calm. Doesn’t sound so easy.

There are things that can be done to help make the delivery room feel more comfortable, like a living room. Mom can bring her own pre-selected music playlist, bring her own pillow, or cover all the clocks so her focus can be solely on breathing. There are also things that the hospital can do to make labor and delivery rooms feel more like home, and Novum can help.

Our Case Carts, Maternity Bassinets, and Fetal Monitor Carts are made of a wooden medical grade laminate that come in 5 rich colors to match any facility’s existing décor.

These carts and bassinets provide the necessary durability and functionality, while still providing a warm aesthetic to keep Mom & Baby happy and comfortable.

Our Maternity Bassinet is a great alternative to standard stainless-steel bassinets:

Our Wooden Case Carts provide the staff with necessary work space and storage while not disrupting the environment:

Give us a call to discuss redesigning your Labor and Delivery rooms to help keep Mom & Baby comfortable! 1 (800) 274-2742

Our Capabilities


  • Supplier Management
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Receiving & Inspection
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  • Packing
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  • Traceability & Support


Our highly skilled Production works to provide premium products to our customers.

  • 1st Priority will always be to deliver quality products and services with ISO Compliance Steel Products have Lifetime Warranty
  • Thorough & Complete Product Inspections:
    • Component Receiving
    • In-Process Assembly
    • Final Product Inspection
  • Full Trace-ability


We utilize our precision sheet metal and stamping warehouse to provide additional services outside of our standard product offerings.

  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum among other metals
  • Partner Manufacturers for additionally needed materials
  • Vendor Management
    • Finished Goods
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    • Foreign Imports


Our shipping & packaging team take every extra precaution, so your product arrives to you in pristine condition, ready to get put to work.

  • Demand Planning – know what demand will be and have necessary product on hand
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Engineering Services

Our innovative Engineer team is waiting to help develop your custom or original ideas. Take the next step with us to complete your project!

  • Product Design
    • View, modify & improve your existing design
  • Work to build an engineering plan based on design & provide document control
  • On-Going manufacturing support & design changes
  • We have several Industrial Design Partners

Customer Support

While our first priority is to provide quality products and services, providing outstanding customer support is second nature.

  • Support provided on as needed and continual basis
    • We want to make sure your product is working perfectly. Call us at any point during the process, and beyond – throughout the product’s life.
  • Order Flexibility
    • Adjust order quantity as necessary
  • Technical & Production Support
  • OEM Development & Support

Be Prepared This Flu Season!

Flu season is here and it is here to stay; for the next 6 months at the least. Influenza does not mess around. The symptoms can sneak up on people, occasionally as quickly as just a single day after the initial exposure to the virus. Along with the fast acting nature of the virus, it can also become contagious before the symptoms are apparent, which means a whole family can be infected before anybody even feels remotely sick! Getting the influenza vaccine is heavily advised by most medical professionals, as more than 200,000 people in the United States are hospitalized every year because of the virus (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everybody over 6 months old get the vaccination annually).

Make sure your workplace is a sickness free zone! There are plenty of ways to do this, most of which are simple. For example, having some disinfectant on hand to occasionally wipe down a desk or keyboard can make a big difference. Hand sanitizer, soap, and tissues can all go a long way in preventing the spread of illness from employee to employee. Most importantly, if you are sick, the best way to shield your coworkers from it is to STAY HOME.  If you experience a fever, wait to go back into work until 24 hours after the fever drops below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Beware; it is estimated that over 30 million people visit the doctors every flu season.

Make sure your pediatric department or labor and delivery rooms are ready for the influx of sick patients! Stock up on Novum Medical’s newest products, from cribs to bassinets to our iSeries line to ensure your patients are comfortable this flu season. All the products you need are available on our brand new and easy to use website! Just click add to quote and our sales team will be in touch with you shortly. For more information give us a call at 1 (800) 274-2742!

Babies Just Can’t Get Enough of Our Bassinets

Don’t just take our word for it – this baby’s smile says it all!

Each of our bassinets is available with either a standard odor resistant and anti-bacterial mattress, or an advanced Lifenest Mattress with improved ventilation and added support to help prevent plagiocephaly. Other popular bassinet accessories include weighing systems and affordable polycarbonate replacement baskets. Some of our bassinets – such as this maternity bassinet constructed of medical-grade laminate – also include integrated storage options for diapers, blankets and more. Our Millennium Bassinet, meanwhile is one of the only bassinets on the market that’s large enough to accommodate twins. Finally, our carbon steel bassinets offer a strong, affordable alternative to more expensive stainless steel options. Regardless of which model you choose, your bassinet will come equipped with quiet whisper-glide casters, a durable frame and a five-year warranty. You can even build a customized bassinet with your choice of finish and storage options using our custom configurator tool. Interested in learning more about these or any of the other furnishings and accessories we offer at Novum Medical Products? Feel free to give us a call or contact us online today to speak with a representative!