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Provide First-Rate Pediatric Care with Bassinet and Crib Accessories

At Novum Medical Products, our cribs and bassinets are carefully designed to meet the unique challenges associated with neonatal care. Thanks to their sturdy stainless-steel construction, ergonomic sleeping surfaces and whisper-glide casters, these pediatric furnishings are able to keep a

Count on Us for Complete Room Furnishing Solutions

At Novum Medical Products, we understand that hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a diverse selection of furnishings to provide patients and their family members with compassionate, comfortable care. That’s why we strive to provide a wide variety of medical

Maternity Bassinets and Case Carts Offer Practical Storage Solutions

We know that storage is often at a premium in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. That’s why we offer a number of mobile storage solutions that make it easy for physicians and nurses to keep everything they need close at

Find the Replacement Products You Need at Prices You Can Afford

Although some pieces of healthcare equipment and furnishings can last for many years, other products that receive a great deal of wear and tear must be replaced far more regularly. Mattresses, stretcher pads and IV poles, for example, have limited

Stainless Steel Instrument Tables Are Versatile and Reliable

An instrument table is an essential part of any operating room that keeps all a surgeon’s tools within arm’s reach. That’s why we offer stainless steel instrument tables with a simple, sturdy design that can function effectively in a variety

Youth Beds Keep Young Patients Safe and Secure

Although full-size hospital beds are well-suited for adult patients, they typically aren’t ideal for younger patients in hospitals and pediatric care centers. The sleeping surface on a full-size hospital bed may not be as comfortable for children, for example, because

Offer Comfortable Accommodations With Waiting Room and Patient Room Seating

Emergency room visits aren’t just frightening for patients; they can be every bit as challenging for friends and family as well. In some cases, family members may spend hours anxiously waiting for updates on the condition of their loved ones

New 3D Imaging Technology Visualizes Surgeries in Real Time

To say that spinal surgeries are difficult would be a gross understatement. In fact, these are some of the most physically and mentally demanding procedures a surgeon can undertake. Because complications from a failed spinal surgery can be potentially life

What Makes Stainless Steel So Ideal for Healthcare Settings?

Stainless steel instruments and furnishings are so ubiquitous in hospitals and other healthcare settings that it can be easy to overlook their importance. But stainless steel didn’t become the preferred choice of medical equipment manufacturers by accident; this type of

More Hospitals Are Using Proton Therapy to Treat Cancer

Radiation therapy, which uses X-ray waves to destroy tumors, has been successfully used to treat a variety of cancers since it was first developed in the early 20th century. But despite its significant therapeutic benefits, X-ray radiation therapy is not