Pediatric Overbed Table 120ES

Our Pediatric Series Overbed Tables helps to create a more cheerful environment for the younger patient. The “kid friendly” tops are available on a number of models.

Gas Cylinder Columns:

120ESV_P (Split Top: Upper 18” x 32”/Lower 17.5”x 26.5”, Cupholders with Vanity)
120ES_P (Split Top: Same Dims as above, Cupholders)
120EV_P (Single Top 18” x 32”, Cupholders with Vanity)
120E_P (Single Top 18” x 32”, Cupholders)
120GV_P (Single 18” x 32” Top with Vanity)
120G_P (Single 18” x 32” Top)

Spring Loaded Column:

124V_P (Single Top 18” x 32” Top with Vanity)
124_P (Single Top 18” x 32” Top)

Finish Options: