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Value Adds

The current ownership team firmly believes that our quality, customer service and innovations will allow us to continue to be the leader in the marketplace.  It is also our belief that our customers will greatly benefit from a closer partnership with Novum Medical Products.
We understand that in today’s economy, everyone is looking closer than ever at the value of a product.  Quality, reliability and pricing are important factors but can only provide additional value when there is a true commitment to customer service.

At Novum Medical Products, we take pride in our commitment to our customers, products and services. We feel this starts when a customer requests pricing and it extends throughout the life of the product.  Our core products are stocked and, in many cases, can be shipped within 48 business hours of Novum’s receipt of a purchase order.  We back all of our products with industry leading warranties and will provide replacement parts as needed.

Value Proposition: Novum Medical provides quality medical equipment and furnishings to our customers in the acute care, long-term care and specialty center settings. Our reliable, competitively priced, products deliver all the best features while our sales team delivers the finest customer service.

Novum’s Value Added Services Include:

Extended Warranties: Our quality products will last well beyond their product warranty therefore we offer extended warranties to combat the daily wear and tear that occurs over the years. Multiple extended warranty packages are available depending on the product.

Replacement Part Inventory: We know if our products are maintained properly, their functional integrity will last well beyond our warranties.  With that, Novum understands the need for replacements parts and will provide those to our customers on an ongoing basis, long after the warranties have expired.

Upgrade Protection: Should our design in our product change within 1 year from purchase date, our upgrade protection program allows you to access the new parts and components in order for your product to be updated to the new design. Pricing is dependent upon quantities and terms.

Rental Services: In the event there is a short term need for pediatric products due to census, etc, Novum Medical has a rental program in place where a facility can secure cribs or even bassinet carriers for 6, 12 or 18 month terms.

Nationwide Network of Associates:  Novum Medical Products has a network of field reps across the map that are at your disposal for in-services, product conversion assistance or to assist with general questions about any of Novum’s products.   Find Your Field Rep

Replacement Program Services:

Novum has a comprehensive plan for to aid in the replacement of any padded surface in a healthcare environment. Included in the program are bed, stretcher, OR Table, crib, bassinet, boot, and wedge pads. With our Replacement Pad Program Novum will inventory, record, and provide special pricing for any facility seeking to standardize their mattress reorders.

Benefits to Novum’s Replacement Pad Program include quick turnaround, reduced costs, and locked in pricing terms. Our program also aids in reducing infection control issues by replacing cracked or worn pads with little to no down time. Contact Novum Medical for further information.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): Novum will work together with End Users, Architects, Planners and Installers to develop and fully integrate new products or services we develop or manufacture. Our IPD includes Project management, Design Services, Timeline with deliverable rebates, Pre-installation walk through, Installation and Deployment Management, Asset Tagging, and Inservice & Preventative Maintenance training. Click here to view our full IPD Service


Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) and Contracts: 

Premier Pediatrics: PP-MM-359
Premier Furnishings: PP-FA-632
Vizient: CE3064
HPG: Through Kerma Medical Contract #1323
DAPA: SP0200-12-H-0043