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Wood Face Stainless Steel

A lot of the medical products you find in hospitals have a very cold feel to them. In an effort to keep products sterile and functional, medical centers often order stainless steel items that are easy to clean and very durable. But when you have rooms that will be used for babies and their parents, you might want to choose furniture with a cozier feel and appearance. At Novum Medical Products, we can provide you with wood face bassinets that will fit the bill perfectly. These pediatric bassinets are specifically designed to make hospital rooms feel more comfortable for everyone while still providing the durability of a stainless steel product..

Unlike other steel bassinets, our wood face bassinets feature a 3D Laminate wood finish front that offers an additional level of warmth and comfort. Babies will feel right at home in these pediatric bassinets, and parents and family members will feel more at ease as well. The wooden fronts really change the entire look and feel of the bassinets.

But don’t let the wooden elements fool you; our wood face bassinets are every bit as strong and durable as other pediatric bassinets as well. Just like all of our basinets, these models come with a standard Lifetime warranty. Wood face bassinets are ideal for hospitals that specialize in welcoming newborns into the world.

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