Carbon Steel

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Carbon Steel

Stainless steel bassinets are excellent options for hospitals and other healthcare facilities looking for a durable, long-lasting bassinet design. Unfortunately, however, stainless steel options can be prohibitively expensive for some hospitals and clinics. The good news is that these facilities have another great budget-friendly option available as well—carbon steel bassinets.

These bassinets, like the Carbon Steel Bassinet NB-CSX, are very attractive and provide a sense of strength and stability when used in a healthcare setting. They might not feature all the shelving options that some other pediatric bassinets have, but not all hospitals need all of these options anyway. You can also purchase additional accessories to go along with our carbon bassinets if you so choose.

Carbon steel is known for being exceptionally strong and low maintenance, so you will get plenty of life out of the carbon bassinets from Novum Medical Products. These bassinets are easy to maneuver, and can be effectively utilized for a variety of tasks. There is always a lot to be done when it comes to caring for a newborn, so you will appreciate the ease of use that these pediatric bassinets offer. You will also appreciate the low price tag that will fit into your facility’s budget.

At Novum Medical Products, we carry a number of carbon bassinets and would be happy to speak with you about your options. To find out more about these pediatric bassinets or to place an order, contact us (800) 274-2742 today.