Medical Boot Pads


Novum Medical can provide replacement boot pads to exact specification as the original equipment manufacturer, but at a fraction of the cost. All Novum needs is the make and model!

Part Numbers:

  • NV-CSB: Clam Shell Boot
  • NV-FHB: Foot Hugger Boot
  • NV-YFB: Yellow Fin Boot
  • NV-CWB: Clam-Wrap Boot
  • NV-NSB: NuMed Boot
  • NV-SBP: Skytron Boot Pad

Common Manufacturers:

  • Skytron
  • Amsco
  • Stryker
  • Shampaine
  • and Many More!

Additional information


NV-OR-NS (Stretcher Pad, Naugahyde (vinyl) cover, Standard Foam), NV-OR-SS (Stretcher Pad, Comfort Cover (nylon), Standard Foam), NV-OR-FV (Stretcher Pad, Fusion Cover, Viscoe (memory) Foam)


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