ivNow Fluid Warmer

Novum Medical Products is proud to offer a selection of Enthermics Blanket Warmers as well as Fluid Warmers. The variety offered allows your facility to find the perfect warmer for its medical setting and ensure a pleasant patient experience. Whether you need one with casters or a large warming zone, we have it for you!


Warm fluids easily and cost effectively in every department. Flexible mounting options make ivNow well suited for Labor & Delivery, ED, OR, PACU, ICU, NICU — and everywhere in between.

ivNow fluid warmers record each bag’s warming time to increase safety, comply with healthcare regulations and reduce waste. Save space in patient rooms, surgery centers, and labor and delivery units with these compact units. Simplify procedures by keeping fluids warm and ready to go at the point of care. You can now adjust the settings specific to the medium being warmed.


  • Safety: The digital display shows the actual temperature of every bag throughout the warming process. The fluid warmer records how long each bag has been warmed in order to comply with healthcare regulations and to reduce waste.
  • When the IV bag has been warmed longer than 15 days (user adjustable from 7-60 days), the ivNOW will flash DATE on the LED display to inform clinicians the limit has been reached and the bag should be discarded.
  • Easy-to-use: Place the IV bag in the pod to activate the unit. Fluid is automatically warmed up to 104° F (40 °C) in 30 minutes or less.
  • Convenient: Keep in patient or procedure rooms with this versatile model.
  • Made in the USA with a commitment to quality



  • Total capacity: 1 bag
  • Exterior size: 7.1″ H; 13.2″ W; 8.0″ D
  • Countertop, pole, cart or wall mount available


  • Total capacity: 2 bags
  • Exterior size: 14.2″ H; 13.2” W; 8.0” D
  • Countertop, pole, cart or wall mount available


  • Total capacity: 3 bags
  • Exterior size: 21.2″ H; 13.2” W; 8.0” D
  • Countertop, pole, cart or wall mount available

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