Birthing Mirror

The Novum Medical Product’s Birthing Mirror is a valuable tool for labor and delivery workers during childbirth. The adjustable 15″ x 20.5″ inch mirror provides a clear view of the birthing process, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor the progress of the labor and assist with the delivery. The mirror is suitable for use in hospitals and childbirth centers, making it an essential part of the birthing process. The Birthing Mirror helps healthcare professionals to ensure a smooth and successful delivery for both mother and baby.


Our Birthing Mirror features a 15 x 20.5 inch adjustable mirror that provides a closer view during delivery. By viewing the Birth Mirror, mothers who are in the process of giving birth can get a better understanding of how far along they are and when to keep pushing. Birthing Mirrors are ideal for all hospitals and child birth centers.


  • Heavy gauge steel for strength and durability
  • Base with durable powder coat finish allowing for easy cleaning
  • 5-leg, low-profile base is heavy weight and offers extra stability
  • Extendable pole reaches a maximum of 70.5” in height
  • Smooth rolling casters allow for accurate steering
  • Easily adjustable mirror positioning


  • Mirror: 15” x 20.5”
  • Height: 51” – 70.5”
  • Base Diameter: 22”
  • 3” Swivel Casters

Base Color Options:


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