Electric Long Term Care Riser Bed

Our well-built adult hospital beds offer convenience, aesthetics and contemporary styling at a fraction of the price of other hospital beds, without compromising quality. Whether for acute care or long-term care, our hospital beds are designed with many desirable features to meet your patients’ needs, including attractive head and foot boards which compliment any décor. Novum also offers a wide variety of hospital bed mattresses and custom pads, featuring pressure reduction options.



  • Electric Bed: Hi/Lo, Head, Knee. Optional: Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Constructed for bed to go straight up and straight down
  • Designed with rib steel deck sleep surface for safety
  • Bed rolls and locks at any height
  • Lightweight for fast, quiet and smooth travel
  • Swivel braking casters at all four corners
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Locking or Non-locking handset
  • Color Options: Light Oak, Dark Oak, Wild Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany


  • Length Options:
    Model NV-ELTC-5ER76: 76”
    Model NV-ELTC-5ER80: 80”
    Model NV-ELTC-5ER84: 84”
  • Width: 35”
  • Width with side rails: 40”
  • Width with assist bars: 36.5”
  • Height Minimum: 7.5”
  • Height Maximum: 28”
  • Head Angle: 70
  • Knee Angle: 45
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Warranty: Electronics: 4 Years
  • Welding: Lifetime

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NV-ELTC-5ER76 (76"), NV-ELTC-5ER80 (80"), NV-ELTC-5ER84" (84")


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