Stretcher Pads




  • Foams: Standard or Softcare (Memory Foam)
  • All foam fillers are LATEX FREE and conform to CAL 117.
  • Covers: Naugahyde, Comfort (2-way stretcher) or Fusion (4-way stretch)
  • All cover materials are Latex Free, radiolucent, waterproof, stain resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, washable and conform to California Technical Bulletin 117 (CAL117).


NV-SP-NS: Stretcher Pad, Naugahyde (vinyl) cover, Standard Foam.
NV-SP-SS: Stretcher Pad, Comfort Cover (nylon), Standard Foam.
NV-SP-FV: Stretcher Pad, Fusion Cover, Viscoe (memory) Foam.
NV-PAD-GEL: Gel overlay for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-WELD: Welded Seam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-RBB: Rubber Base for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-POI: Add one inch of foam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-BFC: CAL133 (Boston Fire Code) for Stretcher/ OR Table Pads
NV-PAD-VIS: Softcare Foam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.

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NV-SP-NS (Stretcher Pad, Naugahyde (vinyl) cover, Standard Foam), NV-SP-SS (Stretcher Pad, Comfort Cover (nylon), Standard Foam), NV-SP-FV (Stretcher Pad, Fusion Cover, Viscoe (memory) Foam)


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