Stretcher Pads

Stretcher Pads are a high-quality and comfortable solution for patients who need to be transported on a stretcher. These pads are made from a soft, foam material that provides cushioning and support for the patient’s body, helping to reduce pressure points and discomfort during transport. The pads are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a hygienic choice for hospitals and other medical facilities. Novum also offers replacement product programs for products, like Stretcher Pads, that are replaced and reordered often. Submit a quote or call us today for more information on Replacement Programs.



  • Foams: Standard or Softcare (Memory Foam)
  • All foam fillers are LATEX FREE and conform to CAL 117.
  • Covers: Naugahyde, Comfort (2-way stretcher) or Fusion (4-way stretch)
  • All cover materials are Latex Free, radiolucent, waterproof, stain resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, washable and conform to California Technical Bulletin 117 (CAL117).


NV-SP-NS: Stretcher Pad, Naugahyde (vinyl) cover, Standard Foam.
NV-SP-SS: Stretcher Pad, Comfort Cover (nylon), Standard Foam.
NV-SP-FV: Stretcher Pad, Fusion Cover, Viscoe (memory) Foam.
NV-PAD-GEL: Gel overlay for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-WELD: Welded Seam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-RBB: Rubber Base for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-POI: Add one inch of foam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.
NV-PAD-BFC: CAL133 (Boston Fire Code) for Stretcher/ OR Table Pads
NV-PAD-VIS: Softcare Foam for Stretcher/ OR Table pads.

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NV-SP-NS (Stretcher Pad, Naugahyde (vinyl) cover, Standard Foam), NV-SP-SS (Stretcher Pad, Comfort Cover (nylon), Standard Foam), NV-SP-FV (Stretcher Pad, Fusion Cover, Viscoe (memory) Foam)

NV-PAD-GEL: Gel overlay

Yes, No

NV-PAD-WELD: Welded Seam

Yes, No

NV-PAD-RBB: Rubber Base

Yes, No

NV-PAD-POI: Add one inch of foam

Yes, No


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